Terms & Conditions

1.    Acceptance our Terms & Conditions

While accessing our sites you have to keep our terms and conditions in your mind. You don’t have right to use our website for the unlawful purpose and these types of activities are prohibited and they don’t comply with our terms and conditions. By surfing our website you are fully following our terms and conditions and all other information which is contained in it. If you try to violate anything so you may leave our website.

2.    Setting Up Account

Your account is set up while you enter all the correct data form and if you try to give us the false contact information so will cancel your account and you can’t proceed any order at our website to make sure for this thing in order to avoid the convenience.

3.    Payment Procedure

You may agree upon the payment procedure which has been described on the order form and all those things are as per our need so that we can deliver the product more accurately and the services which you used for the payment should be appropriate and they may know in the advance about your payment so that you can’t face any problem while having payment. 

If you have any problem with the order so you may contact us or you may cancel the order as quickly as possible and we have also provided the cancellation process through which you can cancel the order and we will notify you through the email once the order is canceled.

You may also look after the information which is updated on your account if there is any change in it so you may try to make changes in it so that it can be up to date and we will not face any problem through that thing.

4.    Copyrights

All the trademarks and the copyrights are owned by us and it’s our intellectual property (including web design, logo, software, database, server, content, images) are well owned and licensed as per laws.

In order to browse our website, you don’t have right to copy our content for the non-commercial and any other use and you can’t copy, download or sold the content which is written in this website as we are the copyright holder of it. 

5.    Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any damages to the other or any businesses. We don’t provide the warranty of any other services which we don’t provide. We can claim any warrant or any other thing for general reasons. This may include the wrong addresses or any other wrong information which has been shared by the user.

6.    Law Enforcement

We may disclose the information with the agencies or any other law enforcement teams without informing the user and it will be subjected to the request of agencies. We will fully co-operate with them in any type of information which we have.