Privacy Policy

At Ione Wholesale company we always try to protect your information from general theft and we don’t try to use any information and data which has been shared at our website or entered at our website as there are various steps which we take to secure your data and it can’t be leaked in any circumstances as we need some certain information which can be easily judged at our website and beside that we take that information more seriously and those all are embedded on privacy policy. Sometimes we are likely to change our policy but for that we want you to visit our privacy policy page on the daily basis so that you can get the proper awareness about it and for the further assistance you can email us at: 

Information Gathering:

When you try to visit our website or try to order at our website we may gather some information from you and there are several ways at our website through which this information is gathered such as internet protocol (IP), service provider, time zone setting, operation system, and another purchase history and through this we try to maintain our website quality and we can also alter the browsing speed of our website. We may also collect your name, company name, email address and permit number, phone number, postcodes and credit card number as well as well as it’s our policy and through that, we will spread the awareness of our new products and we will promote you this thing in the specific manners. In order to get the financial information of yours, we may keep that thing secure and we will never try to share these types of information with any other third person.

To Order and Register

Once the product is confirmed by you then you may proceed to the order page and on that page we may comply many things and before that you have to register at our website and in the registration process you may need to give the details like your name, email, phone number, address and shipping address and these kinds of the personal details may proceed you in the order process and in case if there is any problem occur while ordering so we may contact you through your personal details. 


Cookies are the small data which has been taken from your computer while you browse our page and it’s the automatic process in which the data is recorded and that data consists of your username, registration and other time frames and it basically calculates the last visit page and the pages which are viewed by you and all that data is kept on our server which is not accessed by any third parties or any other website. The basic purpose of the cookies is to display the website more quickly and it tries to measure the session which has been taken while surfing but it can’t read any other data which has been kept in your computer. There are several ways through which you can take over this situation and the best option is block all third parties cookies through the settings of the browsers and through that you can secure your data.

Product Reviews

The reviews which you try to publish at our website will be viewed by every member of the website and if you try to reveal any personal information on the review so we are not responsible for it so try to give helpful reviews and try not to reveal any information in it otherwise we will not take any responsibility of it.

Data Security

There are many physical and electronics ways through which we try to secure your data and the transaction are kept confidential and no other employee or worker have the access to it and no one can take that data from us as we have installed highly servers which are not easily broken and only some officials can access that information for the order process or contact process and we have also enhanced our security for it. We assure you that your data is protected on our website and we can give you the guarantee of it.