Ione Wholesale have launched the Atmos vapor pen which is excellent in quality and herbs are used in it and it’s the best durable and true vaporizer which has been launched in atmos vapor wholesale market we have compromised our price with the demands of atmos vape wholesaler and some of the atmos vapor distributor are not using high quality herbs in it and their battery backup is not good enough for this kind. We are also providing this stuff atmos vapor distributors as they are also satisfied with our product and we have enhanced some special features in it with some lights which is lit up while you press the button and, our atmos vapor supplies is much more famous in all over US. These atmos vapor are easy to use and it’s shape is like pen and we have given it more advance look so that it may look perfect in your hands.

The main issue arise in this atmos is of battery as we have embedded 1200 mah battery in it with especial usb charger as well, these battery are install in a perfect manners and for this types we are known to be the best atmos vape supplier in US. The atmos e cigs are also available at our store and it’s also the similar type of it but this thing is available in the kits and we provide some various kits with it which is famous in the market for atmos vape kits. The mouthpiece is also embedded in it and it came along with atmos electronic cigarette which is also durable and it is the kind of the atmos e cigarette which is better than everyone. We are the distributors in the market and we always look for the customer satisfaction in the better style.

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