About Us

In 2003 Ione Wholesale company came into being and we are known to be the well-reputed company in the wholesale market, as we have started our company as the most popular cellphone brand and then we realize the basic need of the market after that our interest increased in the accessories and gadget then we gain the momentum in the wholesale market in which we have launched many accessories and gadgets which are easily available in our store and these accessories and gadgets are manufactured in the high quality methods and quality assurance is also managed, along this thing we are also offering numerous numbers of accessories and gadgets for all the top brand like Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Infinix, Nokia and many more and they are all satisfied with our quality and by the good relationship we provide every accessory and gadgets at the reasonable prices. Our most popular accessories include smartphones pouches/covers/chargers/screen protector and these all accessories are certified by Apple and Samsung and we also offer Bluetooth Headsets, DJ speakers, and Bluetooth Speakers as well. Our first priority is to satisfy our customer with high-quality products and we offer those products at low prices through which we maintain the strong bond of relationship with our customer. As we were growing in the wholesale market we always keep in the mind that if we work on the trending mobiles so our value will be increased gradually so we just try to keep working on the latest mobile accessories so that our customer can easily find that thing at our store as we always keep the basic need of the customer in the mind and we always try to maintain the quality in it.

We try to take all the orders and our first priority is to deliver them as soon as possible so that our customer can avail that thing more generally as all the order takes 2 to 3 working days (Mon-Fri) and it’s shipped more perfectly through our warehouses. Sometimes we try to deliver you the product within 1 working day as if it’s possible for us. Our warehouse staff always try to maintain the quality in the all sort of products and defected pieces are rejected by them and they always try to manufacture the product carefully and try to pack them more generously so that the product can be safe in the packaging. Our delivery time depends on the Order Processing then Shipment and then the orders are dispatched from the warehouse at your doorsteps.

We are the USA based company and from the decades and we don’t like to keep up the markup on the accessories as we are providing the high-quality accessories and gadgets to our customers and we provide 100% guarantee products through that we have made many loyal customers who are much more satisfied with our work and they always try to purchase from our store and we also use the services of the carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and Boost Mobile.